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Trouble Creek • A Small Pretty Town With Big Ugly Secrets •  Welcome to Trouble Creek "there's something in the water...

Exec. Producers & Directors; Stacey K. Black and Shea E. Butler present the Premier of: "Trouble Creek" the webseries, April 9th 5pm pacific time! See all 7 Episodes free now on Youtube

Promo for upcoming series: "Trouble Creek" Launching in 2017
By Stacey K. Black and Shea E. Butler
Starring Jason Gedrick, Dean Cameron, Debrah Farentino, Jessica Belkin, David Garelik, Crystal Lott, Olivia MacKenzieSmith, Reggie Watkins, Claire Woolner, Leilani Smith, Dave Jessup, and Tim Abell.

Trouble Creek Trailer 1 - "You Want the Good News or the Bad News?" Jason Gedrick, Dean Cameron

Trouble Creek Trailer 2 - "Sheriff Geary - Hero or Villain?" Jason Gedrick

Trouble Creek Trailer 4 - "Peaches is Cool" Jason Gedrick, Reggie Watkins, Jr. and Doris Morgado

Trouble Creek Trailer 5 - "Do the Bones Belong to Maisie?" Jason Gedrick, Tim Abell

Trouble Creek Trailer 6 - "New Kid in Town, Grayson" - David Garelik  

Till the Reaper Comes - 1  

Till the Reaper Comes - 2  

Trouble Creek "Lies"  


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