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As a teenager, Australian singer/songwriter and guitarist, Kitch Membery found his first guitar at the garbage dump. Wrecked and unplayable, he restored it back to its former glory, learned to play, fell in love with music and hasn’t put a guitar down since. After a music filled high school life, Kitch attended Southern Cross University, Australia and then went on to Berklee College of Music, Boston where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Contemporary Music.

Since then Kitch has performed numerous shows in Australia, America, Europe and Asia playing both solo, in bands and as a touring guitarist/singer for various artists. Now based in Los Angeles, he continues to perform solo and is currently a member of Australian band, The Vandabelles.

In the studio, Kitch has played on many albums as a session guitarist. He also works his skills as a composer, mix engineer and producer in his own studio, Membery Lane, which has resulted in several award winning albums.

Creating and performing music is when Kitch feels most at home. Everything he creates is devoted to making sure the listener will enjoy it just as much as he did creating it.

Mikael Fyrek

Mikael Fyrek - Slowpaced, cinematic progression. You seem to be speeding by arctic landscapes, or watching nature bloom in front of you. Send him flowers, I'm sure he'd appreciate it

Steven James Wylie

Steven James Wylie is a recording artist from the Northwest. SJW is married to author Morgan Wylie and they have a daughter. He has written, recorded and released music independently since 2003. In 2015 he released a short story of an EP called "Sometimes The Loneliness Can Get So Loud".

Steven's latest work is massive. It is a 15 song epic called "We Were All Together". The story of YOUTH, STRUGGLE and REFLECTION.

With his new record released, Mr. Wylie will now begin preparations to colonize Pluto in order to prove, once and for all, that it is indeed a planet.



Black Rose Bettys was a duo turned trio that is now a zero as they no longer play together as BRB. For their final "official" performance, they hosted a RIP BRB "Funeral" that they streamed on Aubryn's weekly webcast, Aubryn's Musiconversation, which is in its 5th year. They are still friends, and are all pursuing solo careers. Aubryn recorded numerous Black Rose Bettys songs on her debut EP, Nothin' Civil, including "In the Field", "'Til the Reaper Comes", and the sequel to 'Til the Reaper Comes, "Murder Ballad Blues". You can find Aubryn's music at , Kiely Schlesinger's at , and Byron's at



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